Top 10 Tattoo styles that every tattoo lovers should know

Tattoo styles :- If you are new to tattoo designing “A Beginner’s guide for tattoo style” is very important. In this we will discuss the all types of tattoo styles new as well as old. The real meaning of tattoo is “mark”. They were mark of something important or relatable. In start they were liked with traditions and rituals.
Tattoo styles
This ancient art suffers for many years. After many centuries they rise from the ashes and become so popular that the place is given to it in “fine art” category. We will step by step discuss the each style. In total we will discuss top ten tattoo styles.

1. Traditional tattoos style

Traditional tattoos are also called old school tattoo and American tattoo. These tattoos are called old school tattoo because of their simple old school technique. There are changes only in the color scheme. It still follows the simple less detailing tattoo style. Black Bold outline and highlighting feature make this American tattoo very close to the vantage tattoo style. There is limited color scheme and designing.
Tattoo styles
The popular imagery used in this style of tattoo designs includes sailor favorite anchor, rope, compassand ship. For lovers there is heart, dragger and rose. It also includes dangerous animals like snake, crocodile and wolf. In birds it there is eagle and sparrows.  Skull and monster style tattoo designs are also famous in traditional tattoos.

2. Realistic tattoo style

Realistic tattoo or Realism tattoos looks highly similar to real world. These tattoos give photographic perfection. Great artistic skills are the first demand of the realistic tattoo. There is great detailing and fine 3d procedure is in usage. The 3d perfection creates the illusion of real world thing.
Tattoo styles
The realistic tattoo styles  are insanely popular. There is high demand but not every artist can pull these off. These tattoo include feature like mirror reflection, shading and highlighting. You can make the tattoo interesting by adding two different things together.

3. Watercolor tattoo style

This tattoo designing style is currently popular. The splashes of different color bring the new life in the tattoos. The most beautiful feature of the style is the random splashes of color. They are boundary less. Watercolor effect provides the canvas painting effect. It gives the impression of incomplete painting.
Tattoo styles
In this tattoo style black boundary line is removed. The bright beautiful colors give the magical effect. This tattoo designing is very much inspired from the cartoon animation feature. Water color tattoo designing is totally different from realistic style. This style is more near to imaginary world.

4. Tribal tattoo style

Tribal tattoo style is the oldest form of tattoo. In tribal tattoo design only the shades of black are used for tattoo color. These tattoos have geometric symmetries and curves. Tribal tattoo are inspired from warriors so you may find that these tattoos have looks that is very similar to old weapons like Sword, Pole arm, Sickle, ring sword etc. there is a detailing feature in this style of tattoo designing.
Tribal tattoo has interesting use of the five elements of:-

  • Fire,
  • Earth,
  • Air,
  • Water
  • and Space.

Tattoo styles
These elements are highly used in tribal tattoo in indirect way. Tribal tattoo has very sharp edge feature. They are divided into two type simple bold black tribal tattoo and detailed geometrical detail filled tribal tattoo. Tribal tattoos are timeless warrior tattoo and they have proved their worth throughout the ages.

5. New school tattoo style

New School tattoos are also known as Nu Skool. It is new version of old school tattoos. They share the feature of heavy outlining with old school tattoo. The New School ‘Tattoo styles‘ have great range of colors. They are similar to watercolor tattoo for their cartoonist and imaginary art feature.
tattoo styles
The themes of New School tattoos are inspired from Hip Hop culture of New York City. There is no restriction in the subject matter of New School tattoo. Gothic style tattoos come in New School tattoo category.

6. Neo traditional tattoo style:- Famous tattoo styles ever

Neo traditional tattoos have great deal of inspiration. They are inspired from the Japanese tattoo, New School tattoo, Art Nouveau and traditional tattoo. They are fine work of art. They have luxurious details like flowers, jewelry. They adopt the 3d style.
Tattoo styles
The subject matter is different in the Neo traditional tattoo. The female portraits and classic scene are presented in different light. The colors are perfectly blended in these tattoos. Here the old school tattoos are inked on with new technology which makes them similar yet different.

7. Japanese tattoo style

Japanese style tattoos are easily recognizable because of their huge and unique style. Even after many years Japanese tattoo style remain with its original form. There is no change in the theme and subject matter. They have high association with Japanese traditions and beliefs.
Tattoo styles
Dragons, Monsters, skulls, lions are highly inked in this tattoo style. Japanese consider fish, Butterfly, dragonfly and Cheery blossoms as good luck charm. You will find at least one of these in every Japanese tattoo. Lotus flower, Koi fish and War dogs are also part of Japanese tattoos. These tattoo often seen covering the large space of body.

8. Dot work tattoo style

Dot work tattoos are very complicated and detailed. Complication lies in creating a tattoo created with only dots. Talent and patience of artist is highly important in this tattoo. They create a very precise 3d picture. Dots are inked using only blank ink of different shades.
Tattoo styles
Mandala tattoo are famous in dot work tattoos. Artist prefers to use hand poking tool in place of tattoo gun. These tattoo designs need lot more touch-ups than any other tattoo style. Along with Mandela design, animals, flowers and skull tattoo are famous.

9. Geometric tattoo style

This tattoo style has lot of complication and detailing. Every small symbol and shape needs precise detailing and it is repeated to make pattern and large design. Dot work tattoo style is incorporated with each other in this style.
Tattoo styles
Usually black ink is used in geometrical tattoo style. 3d formation is usually formed with the help of geometric style. Only geometric symbols are designed in this tattoo. Geometric tattoo style is modern tattoo style. It is about less meaning and more technique.

10. Script tattoo style:- tattoo styles with quotes

Script tattoo style use human language as tattoo design. Different kinds of fonts are used to create the script tattoo style. Inspiring quotes, song lyrics, movie dialogue are inked on using script” tattoo styles” to give you an amazing personality.
Script Tattoo styles
This style is easy as compare to other. Most of people prefer to have script tattoo design combined with other tattoo styles.

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