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23 Lovely and trending tattoos for girls that gives magical look

Tattoo for girls : Tattoos may be old trend for boys but they are new for girls which makes them lot more choosy in tattoos. Girls have different approach in tattoos. In this modern era there are still less girls who go for tattoos. They are different from boys in choosing the tattoos. They prefer more colorful tattoos which will attract the attention in minutes. Girls choose cute looking tattoos. Below we have some the amazing looking tattoo designs for girls.

1. Small fishes tattoo for girls

In this tattoo we have two small fishes designed in 3d form on the back.

beautiful small fish tattoo for girls

There red and black color demands attention. The detailing is beautiful done with same color.

2. Beautiful cherry fruit tattoo hanging with bow for girls

The bow with cherry fruit is tattooed on the thigh. This girl tattoo is more like a hair pin.

thigh tattoo for girls

The bow has white and black zebra design with small heart in center.

3. Stunning tattoo on girl shoulder

The hourglass is a classic form of modern clocks. The hourglass is tattooed on the back with trash polka tattoo style.

shoulder tattoo for girls

The detailing of hourglass is very impressive in this girl tattoo.

4. Cage tattoo for girl on thigh

The cage is symbol of boundary and restriction. Girls still feel restriction in certain area of life. They have to fight to get their rights.

tattoo for girls with cage

This girl tattoo emphasise their demand of equal freedom. The blue flowers are tattoo in old form.

5. Flower tattoo with 3d style for girls

This simple girl tattoo has taken the three dimensional tattoo styles to next level. The hibiscus flower with designed in the music symbol.

3d style tattoo for girls

The tattoo is designed with so much care that it looks like symbol is freely hanging in the air.

6. Blue wing fairy tattoo for girls on leg

The fairy is part of myth but we still feel very much connected to them. Girls are called fairy with love and they feel proud in it.

fairy love tattoo for girls

This girl tattoo has fairy with blue wings tattooed on the leg. The small butterflies are designed above her hands as if she is creating them by magic.

7. Wave tattoo with quote for classy girls

This is meaningful girl tattoo with ocean waves.

tattoo for girls with ocean waves

The quote “you can’t, stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” is tattooed below the waves.

8. Amazing rose tattoo with butterfly for girls

Blue rose with blue butterfly is inked on the arm.

blue rose tattoo for girls

The shining feature of blue color is very charming in this girl tattoo.

9.Simple black butterfly tattoo for girls on back

The two simple butterflies are tattooed on the back. Butterfly is symbol of feminine power, beauty and delicacy.

butterflies tattoo for girls

Girls grow up like beautiful butterflies. This is symbolic girl tattoo.

10. Remarkable compass girl tattoo with feather

The compass with feather is tattoo on the arm in new water color ink tattoo style.

feather tattoo for girls on arm

Compass tells us the correct directions. This girl tattoo is famous among both of the genders.

11. Cute dove tattoo for cute girls

This is old school girl tattoo design.

school girl tattoo for girls

The dove with old style keys is tattooed on the side of stomach.

12. Prettiest dream catcher tattoo for girls

This is very pretty dream catcher tattoo for girls. The girl with blanket is tattooed in the dream catcher net.

dream catcher tattoo for girls

This tattoo is symbol of peaceful and good sleep.

13. Traditional look tattoo for girls on back

Here we have massive girl tattoo on the back. The peacock feather tattoo is inked in the shape of tree.

girl tattoo on back

The small 3d star is also there.

14. Gorgeous skull tattoo on girl arm

The sugar skulls are tattooed with butterflies and flowers on the arm.

skull tattoo for girls

Sugar skull is famous Mexican tattoo inked in the memory of dead love ones.

15. Simple cum stylish full back tattoo for girls

The simple tattoo is inked on the back. We have unicorn head on the top.

lower back tattoo for girls

The rain drops are inked on the spinal cord. We have small tribal design on the lower back with red butterfly.

16. Girl tattoo shows the gun with blood butterflies

This is stylish girl tattoo. The black figure has gun on triggered on his head.

stylish girl tattoo

It is like the person has shot himself and in place of blood butterflies are coming out of his head.This girl tattoo can be symbol of pressure of work and society.

17. The Q from card game tattoo on girl finger

The simple finger tattoos are famous among girls. The alphabet q is designed with club.

cute tattoo for girls

This girl tattoo is inspired from playing card game.

18. Girl shoulder is cover up with flower tattoo

The flowers are tattooed on the shoulder with background net work tattoo design.

flower tattoo on shouder for girls

This beautiful tattoo also has small triangle, anchor and feathers hanging on the chain.

19.  Unique skeleton tattoo for girl that gives funny look

This is funny skeleton tattoo for girls. The skeleton is riding the bicycle wearing formal dress.

skeleton tattoo for girls

The moustaches and red cap is the actual charm of this unique tattoo.

20. Multi color eagle tattoos for girl shoulder

The eagle is tattooed on the back shoulder. The multiple colors tattoos for girls on black eagle give rich and unique look to eagle.

eagle tattoo for girls

Eagle is symbol of pride and achievement.

21. Tattoos for girls on back: Aries symbol

This girl tattoo is inspired from Zodiac symbol Aries. Aries is symbol of honesty, passion and courage.

girl tattoo with aries zodiac

Diamond is the stone of Aries which is designed in this tattoos for girls  in shape of Aries. This is pretty cool tattoo for girls with Aries Zodiac symbol.

22. Beautiful flower tattoos for girl rib with quote

The Daisy flower is tattoo with small butterflies and quote in this above girl tattoo.

small tattoo for girls

The quote reads “For every hello, there’s a goodbye”.

23. Simple umbrella tattoos for girls or women

Here the simple Japanese lady with umbrella is tattoos for girls on the arm.

umbrella tattoo for girls

This impressive girl tattoos is inked only using black color.

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