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Top 29 best Tribal tattoo design on bicep

Tribal tattoos are inspired from the old period where people used to live in tribes. There were many times when tribes fight with each other for natural resources. Every tribe was divided in the sections. These sections donate something specific. Warriors were given very important position. In wars they fight to save their tribes and win the resources. These warriors were wear inks on their body which donates their position and status.

Warriors were known for their big bold body, the mental and physical power and their tattoos.At that time the tradition of tattoo starts. Tribal tattoo are inspired from warriors. Every tribe had a specific notion to it. They had their own sign and elements. These tribal tattoo designs donate these signs and elements. Today we will share with you the twenty five amazing looking tribal tattoo with their special sign and elements.

These tribal tattoos are placed on the upper arm. If you want to get the tribal tattoo design do check the following tribal tattoos. In the period of tribes in majority there were two main types of inks. These were dark blue ink and black. In modern days many changes take place in the tribal tattoo designs. First change comes in ink. In later years artistic started to add more colors and elements in the tribal tattoo design. Here we have modern tribal tattoo design inspired from the old age tribal tattoos. In modern world soldier play the role of warriors.

1. Black color tattoo design on bicep

This tribal tattoo contains the skull design in the center. Skull donates the mystic power and danger.

tribal tattoos

The tribal tattoo is inked on the bicep. Only black color ink is used in this particular tattoo design.

2. Tribal tattoo design with horse

We all knew that the horses were the main part of war. Every warrior has their horse which they take everywhere. Horses in old period were the major travelling source. We have seen in movies also how horses share a special bond with their owner warrior.

tribal tattoos

These tribal tattoos showcase that special bond. The front part of horse is inked on the bicep. Beautiful tattoo designing is done here. The bright blue color is used to denote the wind. It look like horse is running and his hair are moving with the wind.

3. Black tiger tribal tattoo on upper arm

This tattoo design contains the tiger as the man element. Tiger signifies the powder and strong will. This is a sign of warrior. There are circular motions waves are made above the tiger. This signifies the branches of the tree.

black tribal tattoo

In whole it presents the picture of tiger roaring while coming out of the branches. This is great tribal tattoo design for upper arm. This design is also inked with black ink.

4. Tribal tattoo that gives a wood look

This tattoo design is inspired from the tribal engraving and wood arm. These kind of designed were formed to decorate the tribes. This tribal tattoo design also belongs to some tribe. Many symbols are used here in this tattoo design.

black tribal tattoo

This design needs special attention in the formation. The perfect space is left after every element design. The main five elements are used in this tribal tattoo design.

5. Beautiful Arm band tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoo is used in the form of band in this picture. The band is the old tribal tattoo design. The shape branches are made in this tattoo design.

small tribal tattoo

These signify the taught life of tribes. It also denotes the mental power of the warriors and soldier.

6. Most amazing tribal scorpion tattoo on arm

Scorpion is the great predator. Above tribal tattoo shows this danger animal as tattoo design. Scorpion holds a great position in the old period. They are known for their venomous stinger. The old period the venom of this animal was used to kill people. They were also use in medieval medicines.

bat tribal tattoo

In the above tribal tattoo design the four legs of scorpion is shown. In reality scorpion has eight legs. The sharp edged tail carries the story of its own. They were danger because of their tail. The tail carries the venom that was capable enough to kill people.

7. Geometrical look tribal tattoo design

This tattoo design got its inspiration from the Maori tribe. Many colors and small segmented detailing is done in this tribal tattoo design. The lotus flower is used in this design. Lotus is symbol of purity and it is linked with god and power.

upper arm tribal tattoo

Geometrical detailing is done in this tattoo design. It will take lot of time in formation.

8. Magical colorful phoenix tribal tattoo

Phoenix is linked with tribes. It is a mythical bird. There is a reference of phoenix in the old Greek books. Phoenix is very popular mythological creature. It is said that phoenix recycle itself. When they are old they burn themselves and new phoenix baby is formed from the ashes.

colored tribal tattoo

According to Greek books phoenix holds the power of healing. They can heal people with their tears. In this tribal tattoo design black color is used in shaping of this bird. Red and orange color denotes the fire and power of phoenix.

9. Colorful tiger tribal tattoo design on arm

Tiger is favorite of many people because of their nature. Tiger symbolize the strong will power and warrior quality. Warriors were linked with tiger.

colored tribal tattoo

This design is formed scene is burning pot and the flames of the pot forms the image of tiger. I will say that this design is very unique and powerful.

10. Stunning Mexican tribal tattoo design

Here we have Mexican tribal tattoo design. Here again a mythological figure is in work.

mexican tribal tattoo

Like phoenix, dragons are mythological creature. Dragons were linked with gold and jewelry. In this tattoo also dragon is holding a box.

11. Tribal religious cross tattoo design

This is very simple tribal tattoo design.Star is Christian religious cross is formed in think line as the background in this tattoo design. After this the tribal tattoo features are used above and make a 3d kind picture.

Tribal tattoo

This cross tattoo symbolizes great meanings. it is a symbol of past, present and future; it is symbol of mother, father, child. It symbols there combination of things. This tribal tattoo design is simple yet attractive.

12. Best tribal star tattoo with different colors

This tribal tattoo design covers a large area. It cover the area from behind the back of neck to the bicep. The tattoo design is like a big band.

colorful star tribal tattoo

It has four stars. All design is symbol and stars are colored. Shades of orange and blue are used to fill in the stars.

13. Black color 3d tribal tattoo

This design is very special. it is a 3d tribal tattoo design. the sharp war weapons are design in 3d form while wall provide background.

tribal tattoo

It present the picture of wall along with weapons breaking. whole design is covered in skin pinkish tone while very think black lines is formed to weapons.

14. Tribal tattoo with dark light color contrasts

tribal symbol is inked using different inks.Big tattoo on background while small tattoo above. the lower tattoo is inked with different shades of blue.

tribal tattoo

Light blue inside while dark blue outside. above tribal symbol is formed with dark grey color.

15.  Most mysteries tribal tattoo design idea

Many elements are used in this modern tattoo design. Lot of skull with different shape, size and angle are created here.The tribal sign covers the central skull.

tribal tattoo

Tribal waves are formed in this tribal tattoo. Eye is placed just above the skull. The whole tattoo design symbolizes the mystic element.

16.  Cute small tribal tattoo on shoulder

tribal warriors tattoos

Small tribal tattoo including tribal waves and small done. Pretty simple tribal tattoo design.

17. Tribal tattoo that covers your shoulder and chest

It is inspired from the tribal wood engraving and tribal culture. Many old language symbol are designed in this tattoo design. It covers the area around left chest to the bicep.

tribal warriors tattoos

This tattoo is pretty manly looking. On the chest design a kind of face is formed.

18.  Beautiful animal tribal tattoo on both arms

tribal warriors tattoos

Double tattoo designs are formed. Both the tribal tattoos covers the front part of upper arm. Animal is formed with tribal symbols.

19.  Famous celebrity with his tribal tattoo

tribal warriors tattoos

The famous Hollywood star is seem flaunting his tribal tattoo. He has tribal tattoo inked on his upper arm it covers the area of shoulder also.

20. Tribal tattoo that shows Taurus zodiac sign

Taurus is zodiac sign. Here it is inked in tribal tattoo style. Earth is major element of Taurus.

tribal warriors tattoos

Person with Taurus sign are considered practical, patient and responsible person.

21. Small and Simple wood look tribal tattoo design

This tribal tattoo is unique and interesting. In this tattoo design instead of used the common tribal signs, the wood engraving is used. Here the wooden face is made as tattoo design.

small tribal tattoo

Wood is inked using the brown color in different shades. the black indicate the eyes. this is a perfect unique tribal tattoo design.

22. Black snake tribal tattoo design with 3d technique

Snake is made using the 3d technique. Here the artist has used tribal signs very cleverly.This tattoo design is pure artistic. Snake is shown in different way.

tribal tattoo on thigh

In modern days snake are reptiles while any limbs but in the above tribal tattoo there are limbs of snake. snake is symbolic being. Its deadly venom is used in medicines.

23. Warriors tribal tattoo on shoulder

This tribal tattoo screams war. In war warriors wear the steel helmet and armor. Lion inspired warrior helmet is made as tattoo design. A lot is shading is done in this lion helmet tribal tattoo.

loin tribal tattoo

3d technique is used per excellence in the above tattoo design.There are two different color eyes. One is blue and other is orange.Blue eye symbolizes the human while orange symbolizes the lion itself.

24. Beautiful tribal tattoo

tribal warriors tattoos

This warrior tribal tattoo has lot of tribal elements. Tribal people are more close to nature. This

25. Black tribal tattoo with tribal girl

Tribal girl is designed in this tribal tattoo. She is the main part of attraction in this tattoo design.Light brown color is used to provide the background waves.

full arm tribal tattoo

The back dark color shade forms a frame around the face of girl. Only the half side of face is visible in this tribal tattoo design

26. Shaded royal look tribal tattoo

Tribal king is inked in this tattoo design. this tribal tattoo is match the loyalty of the king. A perfect painting is inked above. All the emotions and kings royal dress and decoration jewelry is well designed in this tattoo design.

tribal tattoo

This tattoo design will take of hard work and hours from the artist. Pencil shading kind of painting is created above.

27. Most interesting warrior tribal tattoo

Warrior are main inspiration behind the tribal tattoos. On the upper arm warrior in this war armor is created. This eagle shaped helmet with bird feathers made him perfect tribal warrior.

shoulder tribal tattoo

Awesome 3d portrait is constructed in the above tattoo design. this tattoo design is not less than the stone engraving.

28. Dark black shining tribal tattoo on arm

Tribal elements are used in this tattoo design inspired from great Hercules.

black tribal tattoo

According to Greek mythology Hercules, the son of god, fight the war with lion head as helmet. Perfect tribal picture is formulated in this tribal tattoo design.

29. Best tribal tattoo design with loin and girl

Again the Hercules inspired tattoo design. tribal girl is designing with tattoo ink. There are two signs in this tattoo design.beautiful tribal tattoo

First the tribal girl is wearing tiger as head protector/ helmet  or tiger has girl head in this mouth. Other then tiger there are protecting shield which indicate the presence of first thing. This is a marvelous tattoo design.






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