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45 Dedicated and Sacred Cross tattoos for women and men

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Cross tattoos for women and men:-  The cross tattoos we can also say the religious tattoo. This cross tattoo becomes popular with the Christians. It represents the sins of Jesus Christ. Just look these beautiful cross tattoos designs.

1. Attractive cross tattoo :-In Black Color

Cross Tattoos for women
Cross tattoo is designed on the mid rib near at the end of back. The small designing is done with light brown color on black background. This is amazing cross tattoo for women.

2. Pink Cross tattoo with pearl on foot

Cross Tattoos for women on foot
Women of all ages love pink color. The pink color is symbol of young memories. The cross tattoo with pink color stones is designed on the foot. The pearl chain design is made around the ankle.

3. Celtic cross tattoo with beautiful Flowers

This  design is modern cross tattoos for women. The grayish silver color cross is inked on the leg. The cross is surrounded by green leaves.
Cross Tattoos for women on leg
There are bright pink and purple flowers are also designed. The new modern design does not follow the black outline theme.

4. Sparkling Black outlined Cross tattoo

Shaded Cross Tattoos for women
The sparkling black is used to tattoo this cute cross tattoo design. The two dimensional cross has heart with wings below it. The stars with shading enhance the look of tattoo on women.

5. Cross tattoo for women with net design

This cross tattoo has girly looks. The net design is created in the cross. It has black rose in the center.
Net design Cross Tattoos for women
The cross tattoos for women are covering both the thighs. The follow the same net design but they have different shapes.

6. Diagonally shaped cross tattoo with dots

Diagonally CrossTattoos for women
Black color cross is inked on the side of stomach. It has tribal wave side on sides. The shining white ink circles are inked on the cross tattoo.

7. Beautiful tattoo with Blue flower

CrossTattoos for women with blue flower
This is beautiful vibrant cross tattoo design with light blue color rose flower in tattooed. The black bead chain has black cross locket. The initials of the name are written on the either sides of blue rose.

8. Tribal style tattoo with cross design

Tribal CrossTattoos for women
This is tribal tattoo inspired cross tattoo design. There is devil helmet is inked with wings above the cross. The cross has serpent coiled around it. This cross tattoos for women  is inked above the chest area.

9. Glorious Celtic cross tattoo with angel

CrossTattoos for women with angel
The angel is designed resting on cross. This tattoo is inked on the leg. Detailed designing of the angel hair is done in the above cross tattoo.

10. Amazing Cross tattoo with green stone

CrossTattoos for women
The beautiful blue cross with metallic cross tattoo design is inked. The green stone is designed right in the center.Women like gems and stone even in there tattoo designs.

11. Eye catching Cross tattoo with red rose

 CrossTattoos for women with red rose
The three dimensional red rose is designed with black bead chain. The chain is holding a small cross locket.

12. Japanese Cross tattoo design on thigh

Colorful CrossTattoos for women
This is Japanese cross tattoo design. The leviathans are famous mythical being of Greek literature. They have snake like tail with wings. The cross is tattooed in black and red boundary color.

13. Celtic cross tattoo with quote

This Celtic cross tattoo with crown in inked. The Celtic knots are designed in the arms of the cross.
CrossTattoos for women with quote
The banner surrounding the cross says “Lie’s King”. This tattoo is inked on thigh.

14. Jesus Christ Cross tattoo :- a religious tattoo

This is big cross tattoo design. The big rose is black shades is inked on the knee cap. The cross has human body inked on it which depicts Jesus Christ.
Religious Cross tattoo for women
The light coming from the cross is depicted with black and light grey shades. The detailing make it tough tattoo to ink.

15. Cross Tattoo in bright colors

This is American style cross tattoo design. The brick style cross is inked with red heart is the center.
Cross tattoo for women
The green branches with thorns are inked. The light blue air wave is designed above.

16. Wooden look cross tattoo on upper arm

Wooden style Cross tattoo for women
The wooden shaped cross with which design is tattooed on the upper arm. It also has purple color cloth hanging on the cross

17. White inked Cross tattoo design

This is white inked  specially cross tattoos for women. The white ink adds the interesting element. If the color matches your skin then it is almost invisible in day light.
White inked Cross tattoo for women
But when you are in dark the UV rays let it shine in the dark.  Women like these kind of tattoo designs.

18. Cross tattoo on wrist :- with pink ribbons

Cross tattoo for women with pink ribbon
This is perfect cross tattoo design for women. The ribbons are designed in the shape of heart and together they make cross tattoo. The beautiful tattoo is inked on the wrist.

19. Adorable Cross tattoo with orange shading

This cross tattoo design in inked on the back of women. The green design gives it rustic looks.
Cross tattoo for women
The shading is done with orange color. The curl waves are designed in thin needle around the cross tattoo.

20. Colorful cross tattoo on leg

This colorful cross tattoos for women  may look very simple in looks but it is hard to design. The water color ink is used to design this cross tattoo.
Colorful Cross tattoos for women
The cross has black and blue shades. The random shading of green, red and orange is designed around the cross tattoo.

21. Wonderful Cross tattoo with quote

This is a quote cross tattoo. The faded blue cross has white dove in the center. The quote “Never Alone” in inked.
Cross tattoos for women with quote
The center has “Hebrew’s 13:5” inked. This women cross tattoo is designed on the back of leg.

22. Unique tattoo design with dotted outline

The metallic design with spiral in shape of S is designed. The cross tattoo has small beads outline.
Unique Cross tattoos for women with quote
The simple quote below says “He walks with me”. This woman cross tattoo is designed below the neck.

23. Dangerous look cross with skull tattoo

Cross tattoos for women with skull
This is daring cross tattoo for girls. The skull is made in the cross outlining. It covers the side of stomach.

24. Cross tattoos for women on full back

This is big and beautiful cross tattoo for women. The complete back is covered in tattoo. Many different tattoos are combined to make a big tattoo design.
Cross tattoos for women on full back
There is cross in middle with angel wings. The vantage clock is tattooed right below it. They are covered with rose flower designs.

25. Charming and colorful Cross tattoo design

The shining colored cross is designed above the chest area near the neck. The neck has chain design.
Cross tattoos for women
It made the illusion of chain coming out of neck. The drops of blood are also design in enhance the look of this illusion.

26. Cross tattoo design for music lovers

Cross tattoos for women
Here we have piano key design in the middle arms of the cross. The musical symbols in the banner are designed around the cross. This beautiful cross tattoo also covered the thick skin area of stomach side.

27. Cross tattoo with flying birds

This is simple cross tattoos for women. The images are created with dark black ink which increases the staying power of this cross tattoo design.
Cross tattoos for women with flying birds
The cross is simply inked below the neck. The six birds are inked flowing towards the cross.

28. Cross chain tattoo with praying hands

This is a praying hand with cross chain tattoo design. This praying hands have light tattoo designs on it.
Amazing Cross tattoos for women
There is heart with anchor and flower tattoo design. The red curvy lines are designed around the hand.

29. Highlighted Tattoo :- Specially dedicated to parents

Cross tattoos for women for parents
The blue color cross tattoo is design with banner which has Mom and Dad written on it. The blue color give it beautiful impact.

30. Glorious cross tattoo with wings

Cross tattoos for women with wings
The simple cross tattoo with angel wing is designed on the side portion of stomach. The wings have leave like design.

31. Cross tattoo with tribal design

Stylish Cross tattoos for women
This tribal inspired cross tattoo is inked below the underarm area. It is designed with black ink color.

32. Simple cross tattoo design on finger

Cross tattoos for women on finger
This very simple and cute cross tattoo design for women. This tiny cross is inked with tiny dot chain. It is inked on the finger.

33. Celtic cross tattoo with rose

This double layered Celtic cross tattoo design. The branched of rose cover the long arm of cross.
Cross tattoos for women on back
The red rose is designed in the center with small buds on the either side. The Celtic knots make it Celtic cross tattoo design.

34. Chain style tattoo:-with heart,cross and anchor design

The simple chain is designed on the ankle part of foot. There are three locked designed in the chain.
Cross tattoos for women on ankle
We have heart locket, cross locket and anchor locket. This is pretty nice cross tattoos for women.

35. Cross tattoo with red rose

Cross Tattoo with red rose
A remarkable cross with red rose tattoo. It can also represent the love and faint in god .

36. Tattoo on the back

cross tattoo on the back
A tattoo with wings looks like a painting on the back body. This tattoo made up with the black color only.

37. Praying hands and rosary

Cross Praying hands and rosary
A realistic praying hand and rosary cross tattoo on the back gives you adorable glance.

38. Stone Celtic tattoo with flower

Stone Celtic cross tattoo
This seems like a wood shadow. This stone Celtic cross tattoo included some words that shows the faith.

39. Angel wings cross tattoo

 Angel wings cross tattoo
A cross tattoo in which the picture of Jesus Christ shows .It look like a real picture pasted on the body.

40. Cross tattoo on bicep:- In wooden style

Cross tattoo
This cross tattoo has wooden stick shape. The cross is plugged in the skin like dragger. The red color is designed as if blood is flowing out of skin.

41.  Black and Red Knuckle cross tattoo

Knuckle cross tattoo
This knuckle cross tattoo designed on red and black ink. The small diamond shapes are designed around the cross. The knuckle is bony place. This kind of tattoo is liked by men.

42. Colorful cross tattoo on chest

Many symbols are combined in the above tattoo design. There is heart in middle of chest. The fire waves are coming out from the top and side of heart. The small tattoo is designed over the fire layers.
Cross tattoo on chest
This men tattoo also includes the dove bird designed on the both sides of chest. The blue lily flowers are surrounding the heart.

43. Traditional Cross tattoo for men

Traditional cross tattoo
This is new traditional cross tattoo design for men. The cross is designed over the green color layers. The rose is inked at the end portion.

44. Wonderful Cross tattoo with Jesus Christ

This back tattoo is for bold men. The big cross with Jesus Christ is tattoo on the back. It covers the complete back. The black color cross has white outline. The god angel is designed on the right side on the right arm of cross.
Cross tattoo on back
The devil angel with bat wings is designs on the left side. She is sitting on the left arm of cross. The background shows the fifth between good and bad angels. The arms are also describing the same theme. This is unique and interesting cross tattoo for men.

45. Realistic Cross tattoo with chain

Cross tattoo with chain
The crucifixion of Jesus is depicts in the above cross tattoo for men. The branches with thrones are designed as neck chain. The double Jesus is inked in the above tattoo. The location of chest makes the tattoo realistic.

46. Watercolor Celtic cross tattoo design

Watercolor celtic cross tattoo
This is colorful cross tattoo design. The Celtic knots are designed in the form of cross. This is very simple cross tattoo for men. The water color ink style with multiple colors is background for this cross tattoo

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