Emblem of courage:Zelda triforce tattoos ideas for gamers

Triforce tattoos: Triforce tattoos are simple and beautiful tattoos originated from the video game “The legend of Zelda”. The triforce symbol has three triangles combines together to make a big single triangle. The central place of the triangle is vacant. The three triangles represent the power, wisdom, and courage respectively. This is a powerful symbol because apart from its application in the game, it is an ideal symbol which can be easily applied to the real life. the triforce tattoos are also called legend of Zelda tattoo, Zelda tattoo, and Zelda triforce tattoo. The Majora’s mask tattoo and game flower are another famous tattoo design from the legends of Zelda.Other famous tattoos for game lovers are Kindom heart tattoos, fallout 4 tattoos.

triforce tattoos on arm

Player gets connected with the triforce symbol as they go from one level to another. The deep connection is felt because of it’s connective with the real life. The symbol was originally had golden color in the game. It three triangles presents the golden goddesses. This awesome game has some awesome tattoo designs to share. From simple to complex these tattoos are available in different styles and sizes.

Small and simple zebra Triforce tattoos

Triforce tattoos are so simple that you can design them on any part of the body. Tiny tattoo behind the ear looks great.

The triforce wing design is a really nice tattoo and this is instant hit kind of tattoo. The simple black color tattoo or shading design both look great in this tattoo.

knee triforce tattoos

The eye design in the center of triforce triangle is a nice combination of symbols.

The simple tattoos are generally designed on different corners of the body. Get small tattoos on the wrist, hip, shoulder, stomach. They look cute and sexy. The watercolor ink design, dot work tattoo style, trash polka tattoo style looks really nice on small tattoos.

Massive triforce tattoos

the massive triforce tattoo looks powerful especially when the color is well coordinate with each other. The triforce in its true color along with red and black burning dragon is a sight to admire. The little-hidden crystal on the dragon shows the dedication of person towards this video game.

colorful triforce tattoos

The golden triforce designed right in the center of the chest with red circle wave background give the game vibes. The simple wings can be changed with wings of a big bird like an eagle. This will be impressive chest tattoo design.

The skull tattoos are something which has been constantly in trend. The triforce on the forehead of the silver metallic skull is nice and different tattoo design. Some watercolor on the background really enhances the charm of this legend of Zelda tattoo.

triforce tattoos on shoulder

The three triangles of the triforce can have different pattern and design. Such as skull parts in the three triangles, the flowers, and the galaxy design in the triangle are some of the amazing options you can choose from.

black triforce tattoos

The detailed designing is an important part of massive tattoos. They are complex in structure formation. The placement options for these tattoos are arms, back, chest and legs

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