Unique and Best Star tattoo designs on hand and wrist

\Make a tattoo, be cool.Remain as a statue, don’t go to the pool!!
What does it remind?
It only reminds the points; we gave to you as a care for your skin while having a tattoo. REMEMBER..?..It must be.

Star tattoo in trending for every age

Star tattoos are so popular these days that we can’t avoid talking about them in this fashionable era. Every second young glory has a star tattoo whether on hand, wrist, foot, neck, waist, etc.Star tattoos are available in huge varieties in the market. Star is liked by the person of every age. For instance, to infant and kid we always teach the sweet poem.

Tattoo designs for a happy life

Star tattoos are available in huge varieties in the market. Star is liked by the person of every age. For instance, to infant and kid we always teach the sweet poem:

                                                                           “Twinkle -Twinkle little star”

and by this we wish them to have a brightening and happy life.So, star tattoo works a good wisher here. An adult has a star tattoo to encourage his will power and here it works for self-confidence and motivation.

Tattoo design for a Peaceful life

Star tattoos on hand depict the balanced and peaceful life of a person.

star tattoos
It is a tattoo that is beautifully carved on the hands of a person that every time realizes him that he is living life wonderfully in peace and harmony.
It is a symbol of energy that is continuously filled up in that particular person having the star tattoos on hand.

Tattoo Design with Colorful stars

star tattoos
It makes the life more colorful and enjoying. Star tattoos on hand can be considered as best for both girls and boys and if someone is trying to have a tattoo, the very first time then I would say it’s a great choice…!

Moreover, the star tattoos have categories within categories. You can have different stars having a different number of points on your hand and anywhere else. A fascinating fact is each pointed star has a unique meaning. Isn’t it great?

Impressive star tattoo design

impressive star tattoo
The modern art and artists of tattoos are so marvelously working that they have such an impressing designs available.

Bet me, if someone would give a chance to visit and see some tattoo workshop, he/she would definitely come with tattoos on any of the part. The variety, colors, designs will influence the person to have it on his skin!

Butterfly with Star tattoo

Another interesting about stars is that they are good in making combinations.YES.., Star tattoos look unique and even more beautiful when mixed with some other designs.

These may include Star chain tattoos, Stars and clouds tattoos, Butterflies and stars tattoos, fairy and star tattoos, flower and star tattoos, heart and star tattoo etc.

As a coin have two faces so does each situation including this one…TO HAVE A TATTOO ON HAND.

On the one side, the tattoo on the hand shows independence, individuality, freedom, self-confidence and much more traits that are fruitful for a person’s behavior and image. A tattoo can change your looks and personality.

You can have a large number of increasing friends and fans for your tattoo but on the other hand, tattoos have some disadvantages also. A tattoo can be an obstacle for someone’s career path.

Attractive Star tattoo design on hand

star tattoo

An employee in formal shirt and having a tattoo on hand would not be able to impress his colleagues and boss. So, it’s important to choose the appropriate place for having a tattoo.

Remember that your tattoos also get aged with your aging. This can make you feel uncomfortable.
Have a Star Tattoo and start being AWESOME………..!!

Star tattoos on wrist mainly related to the fact of the well-being of a person. It is a symbol shows one’s safety and protection. They work to fill the mind with positive thinking.

Wrist Tattoo designs with star symbol

Wrist tattoos have their history related to the sailors and soldiers. They had the nautical tattoos on their wrists so that they can hope for their safe journey with a prayer to return home to their families.

star tattoo design on wrist

The most common star they chose to carve was the North star also known as the Pole star. On the other side of the study, the star tattoos on the wrists also used to express the relations of gay and lesbian.

Tattoo design with star for music lovers

It was the time of 1950’s and 1960’s. Nowadays, this fact does not have much importance.For wrist one can try Star and cross tattoo, flaming star tattoo, star and music note tattoos, heart and star tattoos and much more.

on wrist

Be stylish and smart, let the people know, who you are without your speaking..!!

Mind blowing tattoo design on wrist

There are several reasons of why people like and prefer to have a tattoo on wrists.

star tattooFirstly it includes the fact that it is easier to hide and to show the tattoo on wrist. For instance, a youngster who wants to hide the tattoo from his teacher can wear a watch over that area or can use the full sleeve shirt.awesome-black-star-tattoo-on-left-wrist1On the other hand, if someone wants to show his tattoo, it’s the simplest to show on the wrist! Wrist tattoos are usually smaller so they are less expensive as compared to others.

This is the other reason why people choose wrist star tattoos. The star tattoo on the wrist can give you a continuous joy because it’s present in front of your eyes all the time.

Things to remember before applying star tattoo on wrist

The points to remember while having wrist tattoos:-

star tattoo on wrist

As the wrist has the direct contact with the environment and nature, the tattoo can fade away sooner. So, it is important to give it a touch on regular basis.

Science says that the wrist does not have dense tissues so it is very painful to have a tattoo on wrist. It is also a true fact that healing also takes longer time in case of wrist tattoos.


Hence, it’s crucial for everyone to think twice before having a tattoo on a wrist with extra designing.After having the one, apply proper ointments and don’t dare to rub the skin.

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