Unique and hottest star tattoos designs for tattoo lovers

Colorful or monochrome, small or large.Have a STAR tattoo and get popularity as a prize!!

The increasing popularity and fashion of star tattoo are due to the reasons included:

  • Firstly, they can be easily carved on the skin due to their smaller size than the other designs.
  • Secondly, Star tattoos can be made by mixing any type of and any number of different inks. The most interesting part is that it is really highly rare that any two tattoos can be equally same; that means they can’t be the copy of each other.

attractive star tattoo design

Star tattoos are considered to have important meaning in some religions and cultures. The variety of foot tattoo designs is so huge that it would confuse you which design should you choose provided all look so attractive and beautiful.

The women,who are the well-dreamer, love to have the star tattoos on their foot. It gives them a good feeling and their enthusiasm for life, and any work goes up.



They are well known to us from science. They can be considered as the small groups of tiny stars and the number of stars ranging from five to ten or even more.

star tattoo

These are beautifully designed in different colors.These are made in the way that these can be visible from every angle and give the internal happiness to the person all the time one sees his/ her foot.


The stars in the huddle are curved in shape going down to up. They look so shining and attractive.


They symbolize togetherness and integrity. IMPRESSIVE RIGHT….!!

The combination of sun and star:

In solar system itself, the sun and the star have a great relationship. Hence, it is also true in the tattoo art.

sun with star

Many different designs and patterns can be drawn having sun and stars. You may have a single sun with a single star, or you may have a number of stars giving shining effect around the sun.

Solitary Star:

A star that can emit as much shine as a whole group. You can have a single star that may be colorful or black-n-white.


It will give you the strength that you are capable of doing things independently. The effect can be increased by having shining and great number of points.

Stars and Wings:

You must have listened that a real lover can even get ready to bring stars from the sky for his soul mate. For illustrating this strange fact, wings can play a beautiful role. Moreover, wings can prevent you from your fears, and you can easily fight with the obstacles that life throws at you.

star with wings

They are available in different sizes, colors, and designs. One can use wings of a different creature like an angle or a beautiful bird like a peacock. A star can be carved in between or at its surroundings according to the choice and desire. This will look really cool and shiny!

Stars with flowers and skulls:

Girls are considered as to be the flower-lovers. So, they can use flowers with their star tattoos on foot. Again the different sizes and colors are used which can give the message of colorful and happy life.

On the other hand, boys; believe to be stronger, and great fighters use to have skull tattoos with the star. This collectively provides them the power to stay strong and move forward without any fear.

star with flower tattoo design

Whereas girls are polite, boys show strong and rough –n –tough attitude. Girls and boys are much alike regarding nature, behavior, fashion, and choices. This fact also holds in the case of having tattoos. So, let’s have a glimpse on their choices for STAR TATTOOS ON FOOT!

 Star tattoo design for girls

Girls like to have shooting stars as their tattoos on foot since girls are so feminine and they believe in fulfillment of wishes etc. Shooting stars can be made of single, double and multi layers. They can be colorful having a black outline or black-n-white have shiny outlining.

star tattoo design

Girls also love to have solid star group tattoos on foot which give them the feeling to remain strong. It can be a galaxy design. This is a unique and nice idea for girls who want to stay optimist. Girls who like to stay alone and are introvert can try solitary star tattoos.

name on foot

Girls love their family, so they use Claire midday foot star tattoos which show names of her family members. The carving is such that this tattoo has several small stars and a big star. The big represents the girl herself and rest will be her family members. ATTRACTIVE RIGHT…!

Next, some girls love simplicity, so for them, San Harvey is a nice choice.This represents a few numbers of simple, small and colorful stars on foot.

big star tattoo design

Luminous star foot tattoos are also available for women, carved in dark and bright colors such as: pink, sky blue, violet, orange, green, yellow, etc.

star tattoo design

Lisha 7x star tattoo represents a big black star in center surrounds with the small colorful pointed stars. Raven Warlock foot tattoos are the black stars which are designed in a swirled shape. It beautifully looks like anklets that most of the girls like to wear on foot.

Star Tattoo design for boys

Boys like to have nautical star tattoos on foot. Military men use these tattoos. Its origin is the military sea services of USA. It indicates the membership of US Navy, and also it resembles with their US flag. Later on, different nautical stars evolved different meanings associated with them.

star tattoos on foot for men

There are available a huge number of nautical star tattoos designs for the foot. They are much popular and give military men hopes to come back their homes after completion of their respective duties.

Boys can have a monochrome or multicolored foot tattoos having designs of stars such as a solitary shining or a group star.

star tattoo design

Factually, it has seen that boys relatively take less interest in making star tattoos on foot. Hence, there are comparatively fewer designs available for foot tattoos designs for men.

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