Mind blowing collection of Vantage tattoo designs on chest

Vantage tattoo designs are those tattoo designs which were popular in different era and period. Every new thing takes inspiration from the old thing. There are more discovers then inventions. Tattoo designs industry has changed a lot throughout years.


Every day new trend takes place of the old one. But some trends become so popular that they become standard.Dot work tattoo art is also popular like vantage tattoo. When something is considered standard you go back to it again and vantage tattoos are one of them. We have some very popular vantage tattoo designs. These days’ vantage tattoos are again in trend. Like any other trend, it is emerging once again. Most of the vantage tattoos were in black and white design ink .

1. Attractive Vantage tattoo design on chest

Main Pic

This vantage tattoo design is inked on the chest. It has British girl in the center of the flag and flower below.

2. Outstanding tattoo design: -Painting on Full body

In old age, a full body covering tattoos were very popular. In the above vantage tattoo, the boy has his arms covered with tattoo designs. The tattoo design that stands out is on the chest.

Tattoo Design On Chest With Arm

There is an eagle in the center and British flag on the both sides of shoulder goes till the side of the chest. Under the eagle, there is a flag holding the picture of a girl. Eagle is a symbol of courage and strength.

3. Unique combination of hourglass and eagle in one tattoo design

This Vantage tattoo design on the chest is very symbolic in appearance. This chest tattoo design has hourglass in the centre and eagle on the sides. Hourglass is surrounded by roses and eagles.

Tattoo Design On Chest

Both the eagle has a face of a girl. The right side eagle girl is beautiful and the left side girl is bad looking. Her face is cracked. The both girls symbolizes the good time and bad time.

4. Different designs on full chest and arms: -An attraction view for all

As I have said above vantage tattoo designs cover the large part of a body. The broad wings cover the upper chest part and the lower part has a lot of different designs.

Tattoo Design

Tiger is surrounded by a snake. Anchor tattoo design is inked on the sides of the stomach. The true faith is written on the ribbon which is hanging on the anchor.

5. Combination of multiple Tattoo designs

Eagle and U.S.A. flags are the most used signs in the vantage tattoo designs. Eagle is the symbol of U.S.A. emblem.

On Chest

In the above chest vantage tattoo design, the ship designs in the centre and ribbon with words HOMEWARD is below the ship. Small flowers and leaves cover the both of the shoulders.This is the best tattoo styles idea.

6. Tattoo design for nature lovers

This chest tattoo design depicts freedom. Bird is a symbol of freedom.

Tattoo Design

“MARA.S” is written on the chest. It looks like as if the words are in middle in the sky and birds flying around it.

7. Multiple but not so big tattoo design

Above we have multiple tattoo designs on the chest. On the top of the chest, seven stars are designed like a neckline. Two axes are inked on the center of the collar bone. One and Two are written on the both sides of axes.

Tattoo Design On Full Body

Then there are two eagles, two flowers. Eye below the axe and then two bandages forming x. below the bandage running horse is inked. Some of other tattoo designs are heart, flower, spider, three pins and some other signs.

8.Multiple but not so big tattoo design

Tattoo Design

A simple eagle is inked on the chest in this vantage chest tattoo design.

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