Impressive Viking tattoos :The best choice for tattoo lovers

Viking tattoos: Viking tattoos have a great history behind it. There are two ways to see these tattoos. Some believe that Viking tattoos are inspired by the Norse mythology and some believe that the Viking people did exist between the eighth and eleventh centuries. According to this viewpoint, Vikings were the Norsemen from Scandinavia. The word “Viking” itself means “a pirate raid.” There are many movies which have some connection with Viking and Norse mythology. Movies such as “Mask”; “Thor”; “Wickie”; and “No time to bleed” are inspired by Norse mythology and Viking culture. the television series under the name “Viking” is followed by many people.

There are many differences in the historical Vikings and the mythological Vikings. You will find many Viking tattoos in which the Viking has horns on the helmet. This type of Viking tattoo is very popular. This is mythological Viking picture because, in reality, Viking was intelligent and practical warriors they did not have such helmets. The heavy weapons such as double-bladed axes and heavy hammer are also part of mythological Viking. These tattoos are also known as Norse tattoos. Viking tattoos contain warrior tattoos, Valkyrie tattoos, Traditional Viking tattoos, Nordic tattoos and Viking tattoo patterns. These tattoos are mostly designed in gray and wood brown color. The shading is an important feature of these tattoos. The symbol tattoos are very simple in design but the other tattoos like warrior tattoos are designed with great details. The stone engraving style is mostly followed. The small tattoos are designed on the arm and legs while the big tattoo covered the back.

Viking Warrior tattoos

viking warrior tattoos

Viking tattoo designs have many warrior tattoos. Vikings were the fighters and seafarer. There is some evidence which points that the Vikings peoples carry the tree shaped green tattoo on their body. The Viking people very open minded considering these people also have women warriors. The women warriors were called shield maidens. The Celtic tattoos are usually designed in many of these tattoos because of the time period. Both of these tattoos belong to nearly same period.

The battle field present the life of Viking people. They fight many battles to protect the people. The mythological characters like God Odin and his two sons Thor, the elder son and the young son Loki. Most of the story show Thor as a responsible son who fights to protect the people. The Loki is the jealous brother, he presents the evil son. These characters are designed with horn helmets, especially the Odin. This is traditional Viking tattoo. The realistic warriors are designed with simple steel helmets.

Valkyrie tattoo

valkyrie tattoo


Valkyrie tattoos are a symbol of justice, honor, generosity and wisdom. Valkyrie is the brave maiden who fights the battles alongside men. The valkyrie tattoos are loved by girls and boys equally. They show the strength of women. In myth, these maidens carry the souls of dead warriors to the castle of Odin. they are described as beautiful women with snow white skin and their golden hair charms the hearts of young warriors. In valkyrie tattoos, beautiful woman dressed in warrior clothes with weapons are designed. These tattoos are often tattooed in traditional tattoo style.

Viking symbol tattoos and meaning

Viking culture is filled with the number of symbols. There are many Nordic tattoos and Viking pattern tattoos which are part of Viking symbol tattoos.

traditional viking tattoos

Heart of Hrungnir is Norse symbol and in tattoos designs, it symbolizes rebirth and reincarnation. This symbol is seen in some of the Old Norse cravings. It is known as Valknut or Walknut.

The hammer of thor is a widely known symbol. Thor movie series has really helped in increasing the demand of hammer tattoo. According to Norse mythology, nobody other than thor can handle the weight of the hammer. The small lightning symbol is part of the hammer. Hammer tattoo stands for protection.

viking tattoo patterns

The helm of awe is simple Viking symbol. In meaning, it is protection symbol. The Horn Triskelion symbol has three horns connecting and making a kind of triangle. This simple and beautiful tattoo symbolizes the father of thor, god Odin.

nordic viking tattoos

The Valknut symbol is very simple design. It has three triangles which are interconnected with each other. This is the popular symbol of Viking god, Odin. This is a symbol of inspiration and intoxication. To achieve anything in life, these two things go hand in hand. The passion for achieving the goal inspires more than anything in the world.

The world famous Ouroboros symbol has been part of tattoos from many centuries. The Ouroboros tattoo shows the snake having his tale in his mouth. This way snake is completing the circle. This tattoo is a major inspiration. It shows that every end has a new beginning. This tattoo is also known under the name “snake eating his own tail”.


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