Simple and small ocean wave tattoo design for cool guys

Every so often the simplest art design conveys the secret meaning. The wave is the sign of normal force of water. Nowadays people like body art, specially the art that inspire something. Tattoo on the arm, wrist and above the heart,  wave tattoo can be guiding charm straight for the modern navigator.


1. Small wave tattoo design on finger

wave tattoo on finger


Finger tattoo become very popular nowadays. It’s just one simple black wave tattoo on middle finger

2. Wave tattoo from wrist to hand

wave tattoo on hand

The tattoo that goes from wrist to hand. This is like black white dragon waves that also gives freaky appearance.

3. Simple wave tattoo around ankle

wave tattoo around ankle

Simple small one line wave tattoo that around ankle gives classy look.

4. Colorful small wave tattoo

colorful wave tattoo

Colorful wave tattoo shows the blue ocean waves on arm.

5.Small and simple black wave tattoo

white black wave tatoo


Small black and white dot work tattoo on forearm shows the simplicity. People who love to live the simple life usually love this type of tattoos

6. Realistic wave tattoo idea on foot

wave tattoo on foot

Ocean wave water tattoo on foot. this gives you realistic look.

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