Most adorable flower tattoos design for guys and girls

Flower tattoos design: – Flower tattoos design is loved by all. Flowers are one of the best creations of god. Their color, fragment, designs are admirable. There are thousands of flowers all over the world and all are different from each other. The flower is a symbol of beauty and grace. Their beautiful features inspired all the arts of the world and tattoo designing is not an exception here. These are there from the start itself. There are parts of vantage tattoos, classic tattoos, and tribal tattoos. The flower tattoo designs depict the rich culture. The most famous flowers are rose tattoo designs, lotus flower . Lily flower tattoo, hibiscus tattoos, daisy tattoos, cherry blossom flower tattoos and dandelion are also designed in many floral tattoos designs.

colorful flower tattoos

shoulder flower tattoos

beautiful flower tattoos

Many changes have taken place in tattoo technique and style throughout the ages but the popular of flower tattoos remain the same. There are watercolor flower tattoos, white ink floral tattoos, tribal flower tattoo, geometrical flower tattoo. The mandala designs are also flower tattoo. The chakra shapes are inspired by flower designs. New flower tattoo are inked in three-dimensional formats. Different flower tattoos design are linked with different cultures. Cherry blossoms are traditionally used in Japanese tattoos. Cherry blossom is a symbol of fragility, joy, and beauty of life.

black flower tattoos

flower tattoos on shoulder

flower tattoos on sleeve

The big Japanese tattoos have numerous small delicate cherry blossom flowers. These tattoos are for both sexes. Men prefer the big flower tattoos. There are many full sleeve flower tattoo designs. Nowadays they are inked on the wrist, hand, and shoulder.

Trendy lotus flower tattoos

Lotus is a unique flower which is popular all over the world. Lotus is not a potted flower. It grew up in the mud. Lotus is symbolically part of many ancient scriptures and paintings. The meaning of this flower differs from place to place. There is lotus flower tattoos design found on the old Egypt coffins. There are traces of blue lotus flower in their paintings. Their lotus is a symbol of sun, rebirth, and regeneration. The Asian countries lotus is a symbol of purity, long life, and honor.

rose flower tattoos

blue flower tattoos

red and green flower tattoos

In Japan, the lotus is the symbol of struggles of life. These symbolisms are the main part of the popularity of lotus flower tattoos. The popular lotus flower tattoos are pink lotus tattoo, blue lotus, purple lotus, white lotus. This popular tattoo is designed with mandala tattoos, Japanese tattoos, geometrical tattoos etc. they are tattooed on sleeve, wrist, neck, back and thighs,

Classic rose tattoo designs

Roses are most tattooed tattoo designs. There are many popular colored rose tattoos. The basic rose tattoo designs are in red color. There are other famous rose tattoos such as blue rose tattoo, black rose tattoo, pink rose tattoo and rose tattoo outline. The meaning of rose tattoo designs changes with the change of color. The red rose is a symbol of love as well as death. The blue rose tattoos are a symbol of immortality and prosperity.

stunning flower tattoos

rose flower tattoos with skull

rose flower tattoos with anchor

Black rose tattoo display the feelings of loss, mortality. Many consider it as a major symbol of black magic, revenge, death and mourning. The rose tattoos which are designed in maroon and purple are also called as a black rose. Rose tattoos are famously tattooed with other tattoos. The rose tattoo with skull, rose tattoo with clock, rose tattoo with compass, rose tattoo with anchor are a popular tattoo practice. Black and white rose tattoos are famous in men tattoo designs. The small rose tattoos are inked on with cross and birds on fingers and hand. Rose with throne depicts the harsh reality of life.


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