Interesting White tattoos Designs & ideas that you must try

White tattoos: – White tattoos are newly launched tattoo technique. The white ink tattoos are designed in the white ink on the body. The concept behind this type of tattoos is to make a tattoo in white ink which can mix skin. They shine under the UV light. The white ink tattoos are best for people with light skin tone because the white design tattoos will be visible on the dark skin tone. The white ink tattoos also come in some light skin shades. But there are altogether different tattoos on the dark skin. The white ink tattoos on dark skin look like a silver tattoo design. The dark skin people loved the white skin tattoos because are amazing on them.
white horse tattoo

The horse with Celtic knot design is inked on with water ink. The beautiful horse tattoo covers the good portion of the back. It is shining under the UV light. A horse is a symbol of strength and power. In ancient period, warrior went on a war on their personal favorite horse. The myth of unicorn again shows the powerful image of a horse.

These white tattoos are inked on the wrist area. The king crown is tattooed on the wrist with named making the heart. This is personalized white ink tattoo.

This beautiful white ink tattoo is inspired from Japanese tattoos. The Japanese fish ‘Koi’ is tattooed on the forearm in white ink. The artistic creation tattoo is clearly visible under the UV light. ‘Koi’ is considered as good luck symbol.

white ink tattoo on wrist

floral white tattoo design


This white ink tattoo is inspired from the animated movie Frozen. This Crystal is famously designed by Elsa with the powers. These all are the beautiful white tattoos for light skin tone.

The floral design mandala is tattooed in white ink on the forearm. The mandala tattoo is a religious symbol. This is a symbol for meditation and concentration. The mandala was popularized by Buddhism culture although it was created by Hinduism.

Horse white ink tattoo with tribal looks is tattooed on the forearm. This white ink tattoo is for light skin beauties. The horse is in the position of acceptation. The horses were a constant companion of warriors.

white ink tattoo on wrist

white ink tattoos design

white tattoos design style on forearm

Dreamcatcher tattoo is for dusky beauties. The mandala design is tattooed on the place of simple web design of dream catcher. The feathers also minute designing. This is beautiful white ink tattoo for dark skin.

The anchor is tattooed on the feet. This tattoo is similar to vantage tattoos. The old black color is replaced by modern white ink color. Anchor tattoo is for strong bond and friendship. There is at least one person in our lives that work as our anchor and help us in need.

white tattoos style art


white tattoo design

This interwoven triangle tattoo inspired from Norse mythology. This is power symbol of god Odin. This is great looking Viking white ink tattoo.

This is tattoo with bird in white color for dark skin. The flying birds are the symbol of unity and freedom. They are all traveling in one line which means they are returning home. This is nice meaning white ink tattoo for dark skin person.

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