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7 Colorful and Freaky Psychedelic Tattoos with great Ideas

Psychedelic tattoos :- Psychedelic tattoos are related with people of 1960’s who used to take Psychedelic drugs which leads to hallucination and altered consciousness. The Psychedelic tattoo has high surreal visual and images inked in bright color.

It is linked with newly found understanding, the state of excitement, confusion, revelation and enlightenment. These tattoos are particularly because of its relation with many musicians, writers and other artist. The Psychedelic is coined by Humphry Osmond to describe the hallucinogenic drugs.

Below are the seven psychedelic tattoos which will show the interesting things linked with the psychedelic tattoo? Imagination play major role in Psychedelic tattoo designs. They are difficult and complex in presenting the direct meaning.

1. Amazing psychedelic tattoos on full face

The full face is covered in Psychedelic tattoo. There are tribal tattoo designs and kind of road design in inked on the face. This tattoo covers the full face including head.

Amazing psychedelic tattoos

It is not easy to get tattoos on face and head because of the sensitively of these area. The interesting thing is even the eyelids and lips are not spared from the tattoo needle.

2. Psychedelic tattoos :- with animal and skull

This is Psychedelic back tattoo design. The animal skull is tattoo with horns. The animal skull is decorated with beads and feathers.

Psychedelic back tattoo

The orange roses are designed below and above the animal skull.

3. Animated psychedelic tattoo on chest

This Psychedelic tattoos has animated looks. The scene created here includes fishing with wings, monsters, and big eyed insects and much different kind of things which are not real.

psychedelic tattoos on chest

The tattoo is inked on the chest and shoulder.

4. Wonderful tattoo design on forearm

The imaginary sea scene is designed on the forearm. The frog with beak and spiral plant designs is tattooed.

psychedelic tattoos on forearm

Shining colorful tattoos are creating a children fiction like designs.

5. Multicolored  ta abattoir design with flowers

The flower is designed with spiral around it like snakes. This Psychedelic tattoo is inked on the lower back.

Multicolored psychedelic tattoo

The imaginary flower with multi color design makes it Psychedelic tattoo.

6. Large tattoo design on back

This is big Psychedelic tattoos that covering the back and arms. The skull with golden design is tattooed. The eyes are similar to music CD’s.

tattoo design on back

Lot of beads and rubs are designed to give the tattoo a royal and rich looks.

7. Eye catching tattoo design on chest

The blue eye like circle is designed right in the center of chest. The flower design is inked in the circle which looks like eye. Both the chest have radiant ball like design.

tattoo design on chest

It is like rays coming out of eye. This is quite interesting Psychedelic tattoos design for chest.

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